Polygon AggLayer:



Are you holding or staking MATIC?

With the renewed Polygon AggLayer thesis, MATIC will be migrated to POL. For MATIC stakers, there will be no manual migration required. Your staked MATIC will automatically be convertible to POL, and will accrue staking rewards while staked.

POL launch is expected on September 4th, 2024. While POL is intended to fully replace MATIC, MATIC and POL will coexist and both serve for consensus and staking. MATIC will essentially become a wrapper token for POL which will limit the migration work for users, stakers, and developers.

Migration Timeline

Introducing Polygon 2.0

June 2023

MATIC to POL Smart Contract


POL Launch

September 4th 2024

Polygon AggLayer

Same Great User Experience. Improved Ecosystem.

This is the biggest upgrade for the Polygon ecosystem: the same great Polygon user experience but with improved security, scalability, and further opportunities for POL holders.

Get notified about POL Launch

News of the migration about the upcoming POL token launch and AggLayer ecosystem updates.

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